Re: 15000 thread breakage


Troubleshooting is a patience game.   Only try one change at a time.  Before you blame the machine try the easy stuff.   I know that thread can be of varying quality and not all expensive thread works well.  If thread is old or dry it can be problematic.  
I would clean my machine bobbin race area (check for burrs, nicks and don't forget to oil the wick and clean the bobbin holder).  Clean and check the thread path.  Put in a new needle making sure it is seated up high enough as it makes a huge difference if it is sitting too low.  Use a regular thread top and bobbin and do straight stitch.  If it is good do a zig zag.  If that is good then the machine is basically okay for sewing.
  Put in embroidery thread and bobbin thread and do a simple design like a quilt design.  If thread breaks ...... Try a different brand of thread with everything else the same.  If thread breaks try one other brand of thread.  If the thread breaks ..... It is not the thread.   I would then visit the dealer and do a stitch out while they watch my process just in case I am doing something wrong.  This also gives them a start point for their troubleshooting.  Do not give up on this great machine.  When it is working well for you... It will be trouble free and you can really enjoy it.

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