Re: Stitch Composer on Skyline?


Hi Jan, I tried to reply to your question directly from the group message in email and apparently you never got it because I didn't hear back from you? Anyway, I'll try to remember what I previously said! 
1. I'm only replying directly to you because what I say I may not want others to see
2. I own a 12000 machine, but because I work(ed) at a Janome dealer I also have the 15000 Stitch Composer on my computer. Because of this I have some information that you might be interested in.
3. The 15000 Stitch Composer is superior by far to the 12000, I suspect highly that the new Skyline's will be the same as the 15000 but can't verify it as I'm not actually in the know on this (without asking the owner of our store which I haven't done.)
4. The Serpentine Stitch you have on your new Skyline probably won't be transferable to your 12000. The reason I say this is because the 15000 stitches and the 12000 stitches can't be shared. There's something different in the stitch formats. BUT,
5. in Stitch Composer there are many stitches (more on the 15000 SC) that can be shared because they're STX files. SO,
6. IF the Serpentine Stitch on your Skyline is also available as an STX in your new Stitch Composer you can use it on your 12000. (I use the one from the 15000 SC on my 12000 machine.)
7. Therefore, if I were you, I'd definitely load the new Stitch Composer on your computer.Actually it's a small program and won't take up much space in your hard drive.
8. I'm interested to know if the new Stitch Composer is more similar to the 15 or the 12 so PLEASE let me know what you discover!
9. Also, there's a fairly nice Serpentine Stitch in our group files that Diane Stutsman made, so you could go ahead and load that onto your machine too.
10. Stitch Composer can make some wonderful stitches, BUT I've discovered that if I want to make them in such a way that I can adjust them very much when sewing them that it takes a lot of tweaking in Stitch Composer's Extra Settings. I experiment a lot! I love it though.
I hope that this helps you, Stay in touch.

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