12000 vs 15000


Hi Sue,
I was in your shoes this past Spring when I upgraded from my 12000 to my 15000. Fortunately,my dealer made me a great deal on my 12000 trade so I did not have to go the finance route...that is something only you can make the decision about. That said, I have not regretted my upgrade for a minute. Though they differ very little in outward appearance there are a lot of features that were added to the 15000 and I honestly think the 15000 is quieter and smoother than my 12000 was. The larger editing screen is fantastic and one of the features I love is the crosshairs that show where you are during the embroidery design....great for splitting colors more granularly than originally digitized. I've occasionally used the wi-if and apps...haven't tried the latest Acusetter one yet and they really are neat. Also, i haven't had any problems (that weren't user induced) with the threader, which is also a really nice upgrade. I would strongly recommend you make sure you are getting a version 2 machine as they appear to have fixed a few headaches from the early models with that release last year.

Hope this is helpful,

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