12000 vs 15000

Sue Raabe <susies.stitches@...>

Hope this isn't a duplicate - the first one disappeared in mid sentence!

I bought the 12000 2 years ago, and I like it very much.  I (probably foolishly) wandered over to the 15000 at a quilt show yesterday, and was introduced to some really useful features that addressed some of the things I have trouble doing on the 12000.  I was able to buy it outright by selling 2 other machines, and I don't know if I should buy something I'll have to partially finance.  The dealer at the show is the one I bought the machine from, and is very reliable and fair.  He's hosting a 2 day workshop with Jenny Haskins, and said we could work something out if I wanted to trade up.  In the past, I've seen that dealers offer "classroom specials" on the machines they provide for the class. I know I won't get what I paid for the 12000, and would have to absorb the difference, plus the extra cost of the 15000.   I see that many of you have both machines, and wondered if there was enough of a difference to justify the outlay.  I was particularly impressed with the centering feature, and the wi-fi.  I haven't paid a lot of attention to the differences between them because I was sure I wouldn't be buying another machine ever!  I probably wouldn't have needed to take the workshop to get a special price, but thought it was a good way to try out the machine.  By and large the Janome has been the most hassle free machine I've ever known.  Most problems have been solved by rethreading it.  I would love to hear opinions from those of you who have or have  had both machines.  I'm pretty sure I'll have to finance several thousand dollars to get the 15000.  Even if I had another machine, he only sells Janome, and would sell it on e-bay, which would probably result in less profit for him.  The only other machine I have is the 3160 which I use for class.  Thanks for weighing on my indecision.  The workshop is the 13th and 14th.  Sue

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