Re: Written Instructions for the 15000 app

Anne Parker


Just wondering if you've got the PDF of the manual - available here  It's then really easy to search the PDF to find what you want and you could use that at the same time as the 15000 app.

I can't access the app as I don't have an iPad so I use the search facility on the manual whenever I need to remind myself about something, and sometimes then find the point in the actual manually to refer to while sewing.  I find the manual really good - much better and comprehensive than any manual for any other machines I have.  It is now starting to get dog-eared!

I've also checked out the short videos on the Janome website about using each of the feet, though they are really short and the voice is sort of sickly sweet - can't stand it! :0)  I have been using most of the types of feet for many years though so I guess I'm aware of what to do mostly - though there is always something new to learn and feet are very often used for a purpose they weren't made for!


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