Re: Janome's 100 quilt designs

Vikki Youngmeyer

You never know what you will get in these multiple blocks! Look for applique in the future. The beauty about all these blocks is that some will appeal to someone, yet others will gravitate to other blocks!




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Speaking of which ... if you do today’s paper pieced pattern be aware it consists of eight sections!  I didn’t realize it till I went to put my four sections together.  I’ve never made a paper pieced block consisting of 8 sections before.  I mean there are many sections within a quarter but usually the four square quarters are sewn together to create a block.  So I have a lovely half a block and wasted a couple of hours making it.  Of course I don’t have enough of the same scraps to create the other half...

I should have read the pattern instead of assuming it would be like all the others I’ve done.


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