Written Instructions for the 15000 app

Sandra King

Jim, this is a long shot, but thought I would ask.  I've been going through the videos on the 15000 app and making notes.  It is too much for me to remember at one time.  It got a little overwhelming starting and stopping the video to make notes.  Will there ever be a written manual for sale that explains the steps done in the videos?  I would buy one in a heartbeat.

Cyberangel Sandra

Avoiding long shots and slot machines, Jim says:

The 15000 comes with a written manual and we created video to go with it. Given that you are the only one to request a manual to accompany the video that accompanies the manual, it' snot going to happen. By any chance have you looked at the Search tab in the app? It is essentially an index to all the videos, allowing you to go directly to a topic of interest. If you want written words try turning on the closed captions. Every word spoken is there. Hope this helps!

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