I think I must have a ghost in my 15000!

Jane Dunne

Hi everyone,

Strange things happened late last week and I wondered if anyone else had this happen to them!

I have been embroidering hand towels for a craft sale and had my jumpdrive(usb stick etc) in slot 1 and I did about 36 towels on speed 900 I thought! 

When I went to speed it was set at 900 but showing only 700 and so I upped it to 1000 and id shows at 800!

If I want 600 for metallic threads I need to set it at 700 or it sews at 500!

VERY weird I thought. Stitching out just fine but the machine actually did something to the designs on the jump drive too!

I had turned the machine off to see if when I turned it back on the speed settings would be correct but alas it was not to be!

So I decided pick out a design but none were showing up! I knew I had at least 20 on my stick so went downstairs to the computer and checked and low and behold they were all scrambled for lack of a better word that I can't remember right now!

So I have re formatted the jump drive and put new designs on and am ready to work today.

Jim I think it might need to be seen by the dealer who is an hour away and if I leave my machine I am not going to finish my craft sale items for Nov 21 and my Christmas embroidery and finish the three quilt tops all for Christmas.

So you can see I am in a pickle of a place right now!

By the way Jim and Diane I just wanted to let you know that Linda (the educator from Janome in Toronto Canada) thinks very highly of both of you AND your Apps!

I told her what I was doing  and asked her if she knew you guys and her answer was that you both are awesome and the apps are fabulous!

SO that is coming from Ontario Canada to you both! I just hope everyone on this list knows how much work both of you put into this group and your apps!

You need to be THANKED and I am doing that right now!

I have had no lessons on my 15000 not the dealer's fault it is just too far to go as my husband drives and what is he supposed to do while I am there so   I have totally learned to use my machine with your wonderful App!

Keep up the fantastic work you guys as you are worth your wieght in gold !

Also there is a free App for quilting calc and it is wonderful too!

It is from Robert Kaufman and just goggle it as Robert Kaufman or quilting calc.

It is so very easy to use and you don't have to do anything to find the correct yardage for binding, pieces, batting or backing etc.

Try it! I don't know how I came across it but it is wonderful and FREE!

Have fun!



Anticipating more ghosts as Halloween approaches, Jim says:

When you set the speed for embroidery it's important to realize that you are setting the MAXIMUM speed. The actual speed will vary with the design, simply because the longer the stitch the longer the needle needs to be out of the fabric so the hoop can move. On the 15000 you can set the maximum speed using the slide control on the front, with the SET maximum speed being the speed when the slider is all the way right. There is no reason to set the machine for anything less than the maximum in the SET screen. If you need to adjust, e.g. with metallic thread, just use the slider to slow things down.

The USB drive problem almost certainly came about due to unplugging at the wrong time. In your computer the directory must be written before you unplug the drive. You indicate your intention to unplug using the "Safe Removal of Hardware" tool in the bottom right corner of the screen. If you don't ask for permission using that tool you can wind up with the directory of the drive not being complete. No permission is needed on the machine, but you should honor the "Do not remove" and "Do not turn off" warnings that display on the screen of the machine.

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