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I too have had problems with my Floriani Thread shredding while using my 15000.  I have lowered the embroidery foot and slowed down the machine, but still experience shredding.  It seems to be worse when the machine is sewing toward the left side and slightly upward.  I have also had this problem when I am doing free motion quilting and moving the fabric toward the left and slightly upwards.  It is like it starts to shred and then the thread gets caught in the bobbin area and it makes a big mess with several threads appearing on top of the fabrics.  I can turn the fabric while doing free motion quilting and I do not have the problem.  It seems the machine just does not handle sewing toward the left very well.
I  would like a solution to this problem too.  If anyone has any suggestions, I would like to know what to do.

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I have the same problem with shredding on my 12000.  It is not consistent but some spools seem seem worse than others.  If it shreds while embroidering  between the needle and the top of the machine, could it still have to do with the bobbin? I would like to solve this problem as there is a lot of very bad language associated with it! Don't post much but read this group every day.

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