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Donna Morton

No sure about the US but the 12000 5 spool thread stand here in Canada is half the price of the one for the 11000. 
Donna M

Sent: Thursday, February 09, 2012 6:52 PM
Subject: [janome12000] Re: thread holder

Well, maybe. Getting longer screws is easy enough. Just hit Home Depot or Lowes in the metric screw section and match what you have. I don't have an 11000 to check, so I don't know whether the spacing on the thread stand is the same as the 12000. That's important. As for the screws that are there, they are intended for the 12000 thread stand and go into the machine "skeleton". The trick is to have screws that are long enough to hold the stand, but not so long that they go too far and snag wiring or other parts. After what you've spent to get the machine, I'm not sure it's worth risking messing up the machine for the $100 or so cost of the thread stand.

--- In, "thistlebug" wrote:
> Jim,
> Watch out, I am thinking again.
> Is this possible? When looking at
> the back of the 12000 I spotted
> two screws near the top about 5"
> in from the wheel end under the
> handle. Do you think it would be
> possible to get two longer screws
> and screw the 11000 thread holder
> onto the back of the machine? I
> don't know what those screws are
> screwed into, but thought it was
> worth a try. What do you think?
> This would save us from purchasing
> another thread holder. Thanks,
> Peg in cool FL

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