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Tell your hubby he did a great job.

Sent: Sunday, October 18, 2015 11:22 PM
Subject: [janome12000] Re:Thread spool holder
Hi, all.  I hope it is okay if I share 'my' thread storage with you, even though I am a pretty new member, and very new (this year) to machine embroidery.   I have been only reading posts in this group, which I enjoy immensely, because I do not yet have the MC15000 I plan on getting.  But, while learning about the MC15000, I acquired a MC11000, which I upgraded to V.3.1, so I could 'practice' and learn.

Although he still has finish work to do on the cabinet, hubby built a custom cabinet for the machine. and he 'lets' me use it and actually finished the top and mounted specific things to make it easy for me.  The cabinet is his original design, but he out-did himself on it, including thread storage...which was a concern for me since we live in Florida and have so many windows.  To store thread, he built in a pull-out drawer with peg board, and put a nice, small light where it illuminates the thread to make it easy to see the colors.  The drawer closes flush and out of the way until I need it. 

There are two (2) photos...I hope it is okay to send shows the drawer pulled out, and the other shows it pushed almost all the way back into the cabinet.  Under the top, right next to the cabinet, you can see the light, although it is switched off in the photo.  To the left of the thread drawer is the front left door of the cabinet, also with peg board that starts 'beyond' the thread drawer when closed.  As you can see, there are only about 120 spools of thread to store in the drawer can see some spools are on top of the cabinet for my current project...and I need to get some more 'pegs' because some spools have to sit on the floor of the cabinet now.  But, there is plenty of space for lots more thread, and no UV to worry about, no clutter, and they are pretty easy to see and get when needed. 

My solution may not work for everyone, but, I am such an absolute newbie at machine embroidery, I need all the help I can get.

- Cat (Florida)

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