Thread spool holder

JoAnn Novak

  Your cabinet is very nice and looks sturdy.  Which is great for the 15000.
  You are so fortunate to have a create hubby.
Life's biggest decision is what you do with Jesus.


  The cabinet is his original design, but he out-did himself on it, including thread storage...which was a concern for me since we live in Florida and have so many windows.  To store thread, he built in a pull-out drawer with peg board, and put a nice, small light where it illuminates the thread to make it easy to see the colors. 

..I hope it is okay to send shows the drawer pulled out, and the other shows it pushed almost all the way back into the cabinet.  Under the top, right next to the cabinet, you can see the light, although it is switched off in the photo.  To the left of the thread drawer is the front left door of the cabinet, also with peg board that starts 'beyond' the thread drawer when closed.
- Cat (Florida)

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