My 12000 App - What is the latest version?

juliadlf1 <no_reply@...>

Hi Jim:
I had several update notices on my IPad which included the My 12000. However, when I click on the Update icon for it, it goes to update, shows the circle to load the update and then bounces back to the Update icon showing again. I continue to have an alert that it needs to be updated.
Not sure if this is a problem with the App or with Apple. All my other apps that were needed to be updated went fine so just the My 12000 seems to be a problem.
I am on the latest version for the IPad.


Using his newly updated keyboard, Jim says:
I've had that problem with various apps from time to time. It's all Apple. First try powering off the iPad, then turning it back on. Often that will nudge it into completing the update. If it doesn't, delete the app and download it again. You'll get the latest version and you won't have to buy it again.

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