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Since you have the 3D software you should be able to convert your designs to the JEF format used by Janome machines. Once you have a design in JEF format you can get it in your USB stick by following these steps:

1. Insert the stick in the machine and turn the machine on, if necessary.

2. When the "DO NOT" symbols disappear from the screen, remove the stick.

3. Plug the stick into your computer. Open it from "My Computer" unless it opens automatically.

4. Find the EMB folder and open it.

5. There will be a single folder in EMB, called EmbF. You can use that folder, or you can create more of your own. I like to use folders to classify designs, such as "Birds", "Flowers", etc.

6. Open the EmbF folder, or one you have created, and drag your JEF files into it.

7. When all files are in the stick, click the "Safe Removal of Hardware" icon and ask to remove the drive. Usually it's drive E, but it could be F or G, depending on what other drives you have.

8. Put the stick in the machine. Open designs by following the steps on page 132 of the instruction book.

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Hi, Well, I am a confused again. I have the 12,000. But, I have
never had Janome before. All my designs, are in the pes or vip
format. I know I have to convert them over to the jef format. But,
there is more to it, then that. My problem is, I have the Viking 3D
software. And there is a special way to write the files, to the
stick, and I can't get it to work. Does anyone, have the Viking
software, be able to help me with this problem.
Thank you

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