Re: My Janome 12000

vicki chrobak

Thank you Maggie for educating me. The fused power plugs, are they like surge protectors?

Vicki Jo

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No its not plugged into a surge protector, when it started misbehaving we were watching TV had there been a power surge I would have thought it would have affected everything?
Anne and I live in Great Britain, and though we do get fluctitions to our power supplies, its usually brown outs that cause problems. For example if there's a big sports event on TV, during an interval thousands of kettles will get turned on, and there's a very short lived power drop. Our main house fuse boards would trip out before we get anything zappedby a power surge and all our electrical items including sewing/embroidery machines have fused power plugs rated to the item they're attached to.
Maggie Cooper


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