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Have you posted a picture? Which album is it in, or please post, as I'd love to see your quilt!

Do you hoop and then add the magnets, or can you just lay the quilt on top and only use magnets? (Have I asked this before?!)

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at first I thought the GR hoop was flimsy, but now have used it to make my first
quilt and love it!  I turned in my 11000 for the 12000 - when I tried to hoop a
quilting project on the 11000 hoops sometimes I had to struggle.. but the GR
hoop is flexible enough that I had no problem and the hooping went quickly and
with no problem...I place my project on the hoop with the plastic placing mat on
top to center and then attach the right and left magnets that come with the
hoop........somehow it just seems so easy and with the extenstion table it gives
it more support when doing the embroidery -  although I didn't use the ext table
everytime...even without the table  the hoop was great .. I quilted my entire
quilt with the built in designs, looks fabulous!

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Subject: [janome12000] hoops strength

I have the 10K and 11K. Did a project at the local dealer on the 12K and liked
it, especially the feed. Are the hoops as sturdy on the 12K as they are for the
11K? I think I read somewhere that the largest hoop for the 12K didn't seem very

Any information about what you like and don't like about the 12K is appreciated.

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