Re: AcuDesign 2.0

Meryl Margolies

AcuDesign has been in my "wishlist" for a long time. Am I to understand that it is now ready for 12000 owners? Just how good is the lettering add on?

Having survived a long time, Jim says:
AcuDesign has always been ready for the 12000. In fact it is even usable for non-Janome machines. It supports all of the popular formats and the hoop selection includes options for Janome, Necchi, Bernina, Pfaff, "Generic", Cutters, Brother and Elna. Selections for Janome include the 12000 (but not hoop RE18), the 15000 (all hoops), MB4 (but not M1), 11000 (AcuFil square only), 200E, 300E (B hoop only), 350E and 9500/9700 (B hoop only). It's kind of odd why some models have some hoops left out, but the 350E includes all the hoops you need for any machine based on 10000 architecture, and the RE18 is included in the 15000, which would work for the 12000. Except for the 15000, every other machine would require an external device to send designs to. Because AcuDesign applies to the 12000 as well as the 15000, we included the videos for it in our My 12000 app. The video for AcuDesign 2.0 is not yet in that app, but will appear automatically once the app has been approved by Apple. That could be any day now.

The lettering module is really good. There are 20 fonts, with placement tools that make it really easy to get letters exactly where you want them. Arcing is also super easy, and you can fit letters to a curve just by dragging one point.

Diane was in West Texas last week doing classes for a very good friend at Betty's Bobbin Box in Odessa. She got a sneak peek at a new iPad app from Janome that will make design placement a snap. To me this confirms that Janome is continuing to invest in the iPad technology. Given the features of the soon-to-be-released iPad Pro, there could be some remarkable changes in digitizing coming.

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