Re: Loose thread loops on top and bottom of embroidery

Teressa Sisemore

Unfortunately the design stitching on the golf towel was very loose too. 

To test the golf towel design on the 11000SE I took a hand towel that is not as thick as the golf towel, hooped it and it is stitching fine on the 11000SE (with the exception of some thread breaks). I have another hand towel that I'll hoop and stitch on the 15000 before I do the golf towel again. That way I will be comparing apples to apples and if they both stitch out well I'll have a matched set of hand towels.

I did test a built in design on a terry baby bib using the KK2000 to see if it acted up and had no problems at all, so I am suspecting that the design isn't a great one! but I have never had stitching problems like that on any of my Janome's before with any designs. 

Thanks Jim!


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