Janie Oren

Jim - After continuing to have problems with Parallels I decided to try VMware.  Got it installed and imported by Windows virtual machine and everything seems to be working well so far.  The only thing I can't figure out is how to see the individual files on the virtual machine in Finder.  I can see all the MAC files in Windows, so going that way isn't a problem.  I looked at the manual and they are talking about dragging and dropping and but the only thing I can find in finder is the virtual machine as one file (Documents\Virtual Machine\Windows 7 1.  In parallels I could actually see all the files and folders on my virtual machine if my virtual machine was running.    I always use my MAC to purchase any designs, download them and then copy up to my virtual machine.  I can't find a way to do that.  What am I missing?  Thanks in advance - Janie

Virtual Jim comes up with this virtual answer:

By default Fusion sets up the network so that the VM is isolated from the rest of your network. It allows you to access the Mac files using folder sharing, which does not involve the network even though Windows thinks it does. There are two ways to get the files from your Mac to the VM:

  1. With the VM powered down go to the Settings (Command-E) and change the network to "Bridged". This puts Windows on the same network as the Mac. The Mac will then see any folders that are shared in Windows.
  2. Once you have installed VMware Tools you can simply drag files from the Mac to Windows, assuming that the VM is showing in a window and not full screen. That's what I usually do.

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