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I apologize for not knowing where this message will land.  It's intended to go to the group as a whole, but thetre's no recipient in the reply box!  I started reading the Yahoo group mail at g-mail, but my replies seem to use that address instead of Yahoo, and I'm not sure they always get there.  

I'm coming into this conversation totally ignorant.  I have the 12,000 and have not been doing much sewing lately, so haven't been following the posts much.  The discussion about Acudesign caught my interest, and I tried to get some basic information online wso I wouldn't have to ask all of you what it was or how it works!  Will it work in any capacity  on the 12,000?  If not, I guess I don't need any more answers.  I have an IPad, which I've never used for embroidery.  I have been using Wilcom in a very primitive way because I impulsively purchased it a while ago through an online demo.  It seems to have a reputation for being the gold standard for digitizing, but it's way, way too complicated and powerful for my needs.  I don't digitize, and don't seem to be able to do the edits I occasionally like to do.  I know it's not the woftware, becaue when I sent some lettering in to have evaluated, someone fixed it for me.  I would love to find something that is user friendly and not too expensive.  Would that be Acudesign?  I've already tried Designers Gallery (all the components), but ended up including it with the sale of my BabyLock.  I don't need anything elaborate; just the ability to open designs, possibly do some simple editing, and maybe resize them.  If Acudesign isn't compatible with the 12,000 can someone tell me what might be better?  I just hate to invest in software I can't understand.  I'd be better off limping along with what I have!  Too bad there aren't some hands on workshops to try different software and see what fits best!  Thanks for any comments.  Sue

Jim's admittedly biased reply:
AcuDesign will do exactly what you want, and version 2.0 (current) has other features you would probably find useful. The cost for the app is $50. If you want to add the lettering module (recommended) it's another $50. Our "My 12000" app provides video instruction on AcuDesign for another $60. While we have included the AcuDesign 2.0 video in our app, it won't be available until Apple has reviewed and approved it. That could be any day now.

AcuDesign 2 is a powerful editing program that does a lot more than you would expect from an iPad app. However it comes with no instructions other than a very basic "Help" system that just identifies basic buttons and controls. Diane's version 2 tutorial explains how to use all of the features as she goes through creation of a new design from 3 separate free designs. She also identifies a serious bug that can cause the app to completely lock up.

The truth of AcuDesign is that it appears to be designed to work with all the Janome embroidery machines, although they don't include all models or even all the hoops with some of the models they do support. For all machines other than the 15000 you will need some type of external device in order to get the designs on a USB drive for stitching. We identify those devices in the video, as well as how to use them. Depending on which one you choose, it could add another $100 to the total price, bringing it to a maximum of $260. That's probably much less than you spent on Wilcom.

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