After 6 months of playing with my 15000 I am ready to incorporate using Accudesign. I watched my wonderful videos and was ready to start. On my iPad I tried to go into Dropbox but it keeps crashing so I sent an email to them but am wondering what is better to use Dropbox, Airstach or sandisk Flash? Any thoughts? Janet

Trying not to drop the box of answers, Jim says:
Your best option would be to delete the Dropbox app from your iPad, then download and install it again. Of course with Dropbox you still have to have your computer in the loop, using it to transfer the designs to USB. Either AirStash or SanDisk Flash would eliminate that step, but for extra cost. iUSB-Port 2 is my favorite option, but also the most expensive. There is more to say about AcuDesign, which I will put in a separate post.

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