My Needle Change - Threader Experiment

cas <cas@...>

Well Anne, and other interested people.  I changed the needle, using the same size that started working for a while for no reason, just like it quit previously for no reason, and the threader no longer works.  I removed and put the new needle in four times, got another new needle and tried it a couple of times and gave up.  I followed all the tips we’ve been reading, and of course the manual instructions.
I’m back to hoping the dealer can adjust it.  If not, it’s too dang fussy in my opinion.  I was entirely ready to accept it was me inserting the needle wrong even after dozens of successful changes, just because if I’m doing it wrong I could learn to do it right.  I guess I’ll get proficient with the little needle gadget I have, the one I use with my $200 machine too!  I’m waiting to bring it in until another part arrives.  It’s only been since August 13th, good thing I’m so patient.  hah!

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