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Horizon Link does not convert designs from a "foreign" format to JEF. You will need external software for that. Janome's Digitizer MBX and Digitizer Junior will do it, as well as a whole lot more. To convert a lot of designs at once you need Digitizer MBX using the Design Gallery program. That's not available in Digitizer Junior. A good 3rd party solution is Buzz Xplore from Buzz Tools. It converts any format to any format, and will do groups of designs to save time. You can download a free trial copy here:

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I just loaded the horizon link, on my computer. And I am playing with it. My first question is: How do I go about, changing my designs, that I already have, that are in pes and vip format, to the Jef format. And is there a way to do that, so I don't have to do one at a time? And is that all I have to do, so the designs will work on my 12,000.


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