Re: updates to Digi jr software

vicki chrobak

There is a Digi Jr 4.0 that I bought outright as I'm new to Janome. Don't know about free update but it does recognize our hoops.

Vicki Jo

Have they released an update to the Digi Jr software that recognizes the new hoop sizes? If so is it a free update or a for sale update and if so how much.

I love my new 12000 but wish they would add the smaller hoops ASAP. I am doing the Hoop Sisters block of the month and there is such a waste of the battalizer because there is not an 8" hoop. Is there any word on the street as to when or if the 5 x 7 and the 8 x 8 will be an option.

Thanks in advance

Judy in Arizona
There is a Digi Jr 4.0

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