Waiting on Parts

JoAnn Novak

  It is sad that this information was not told before we all paid a small fortune for this machine.
  Guess Janome is only interested in their profits.  Now this is the 3rd reason.  Sounds like poor
  thinking on their part.  Really frustrating.

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Adding additional fuel to the fire, Jim says:
Actually Janome is pretty much typical in this regard. We live in a world where most manufacturing is done in Asia. Nearly all companies ship goods over the ocean, as air is insanely expensive. Large corporations, like Walmart, have computer systems that monitor all of their stores. They know how long it takes to ship items and can place orders in advance of running out. Janome has no idea how much inventory their dealers have, and sadly a lot of the dealers don't know either. It is completely impossible for Janome to know in advance how many of what item will be needed in their warehouse. That's because dealer orders come at the whim of each dealer, and they all have different schedules. Yes, Janome is interested in profit. Once they stop making profit you will not see any more Janome machines!

Remembering the agony of waiting for parts, Jim says:
This was a big problem for us as dealers. It's due to the fact that Janome manufactures all parts in Japan or Taiwan. When they ship to the US they do so by large containers that go on a ship. A container will not be loaded until it is full, and that can take a long time for small parts. For accessories like feet the manufacturing also factors in. They make a best guess on how many will be sold and make that quantity. If they were seriously low in their estimate then they have to go back into production. These to factors can lead to long periods of the dreaded "backorder" and sometimes when the product finally comes in virtually the whole shipment gets used to fill the backorders that have accumulated. The worst episode of this was one terrible 3 month period when they actually ran out of bobbins.

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