Janome 12000, Brother 6700D, Singer XL-6000


I own Singer XL-6000 which is a great machine and it's about time to add up another backup machine on my shop.

I'd like to mention that I already have the dedicated commercial embroidery machine. Hence it would be nice to have superior embroidery feature on a home sewing machine but it won't be a deciding factor for me. Since I don't do much quilting, variety of quality straight stitch would be something I'd like to have on my new machine.

Speaking of XL-6000, it does things that no other newer machines can't do such as endless bobbin which I think is worth as much as the automatic needle threading feature.
You don't even need to take the empty bobbin out because once you have the spool in, the bobbin will rewind by itself when it runs out.

It even has two motorized spool stands for the embroidery so that you can continuously do embroidery and it even automatically rewinds the spool thread.

But it still is an outdated machine in that it's integration with PC is very weak at best. I like features newer machines have such as auto height adjust feet, sharper color LCD and better integration with PC.

However, I'm surprised to learn that Janome 12000 doesn't even have the automatic needle threader like the XL-6000. It does appear to have the fancy embroidery features but I'm more interested in the quality and the variety of straight stitch features as well.

So far, I've narrowed down my list to Janome 12000, Brother 6700d, Husquavarna Diamond Delux and Bernina 830.

If price is no object, which machine outperforms all the others in terms of the quality of stitch and the high tech features?

There are no local dealers that carry all the machines to compare at the same time and I've seen some dealers not so incline to spend time with their customers unless they put their cash on the table.

Since you folks have spent quite sometime with your 12000 to learn the pros and cons, I'd love to hear your after thoughts on your machine. Would you buy it again or choose another machine if you were given another chance?

Thank you very much.

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