Re: Instruction book

Sherry Martin

Mine did the same thing. I printed out the version Jim provided for us (yes all those pages) on this site, and put it in a 3-ring binder. Everytime I tried to put the original one back together it got worse. Thinking I might try to take it to an office supply store sometime and see if they have a spiral machine that can take it apart and put it back together. I used to use one when I volunteered at my kid's school, but it would have to be the same kind as Janome used.

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I noticed the same thing the other day Anne.
On another list I'm on, someone did a pictorial comparison between
machine needle brands. I was surprised at the difference. Of course I
can't find the pics now:-(

Vicki Jo

Have any of you had a problem with the spine on the instruaction book for the 12000? yesterday I noticed that half the pages in the book were not on the spine. OH tried to sort it but as quick as he got the bottom on the spine, the top of the pages came off.

I sorted it last night by removing the pages and putting them in clear document sleeves in a hard cover folder. It takes less than a pack of the clear document sleeves, the pages stay clean and do not get tatty through use.......

I have the folder stored in the side of my sewing machine table so I can reach it easily.

By the bye, glad someone else has found a problem using the schemtz needles. I have not had thread breaks with them but have had a problem using the needle threader, so its not just me.

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