Re: Help adjusting the tension

Sharff <sharff@...>

Hi Heather,

I love my 9900 for traveling to my sewing group and to Janome Club. It has almost as many bells and whistles as my 12000. I bought it to replace my 9700 which I also loved but it got very sick and couldn't be healed. The 9900 has an easy learning curve.

Yes, you can easily advance a color. On the very bottom of the screen that has the design is a bar with a red arrow on the left facing to the previous color, and a red arrow on the right pointing to the next color. Touch the one on the right and you skip to the next color.

I also like the icon that shows a daisy. Press it and it will show only the colored part of the design you are stitching. For instance, pretend you are stitching a red flower and a yellow flower with green leaves. When you are stitching the red flower, the yellow and green parts are grayed out. When you move to the yellow flower, the red and green parts are grayed out, etc. That is true on the 12000 as well.

Have fun and enjoy your new 9900.


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