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Thanks for checking out the Lorenne Font situation for me, Jim (and the
digitizing suggestion, Missi). It IS pretty and I really hope they include
it when they update the MBX software, but I have lots of other lovely fonts
to play with in the new machine in the meantime (and lots in the other
lettering programs I have).

Back to my mini felt Christmas stockings. I love, love, love the size of
the new hoops. The entire felt square fits into the GR hoop, and I'll be
able to embroider three at once. I am a happy camper, with or without the
Lorenne font! ;)


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The TTF version appears to be the same font, and could probably be used with
Digitizer MBX. It has the ability to created digitized lettering from
TrueType fonts. However this font has a lot of thin details, which often
don't work well. TrueType fonts are actually tiny computer programs that
tell the computer how to draw each letter. This does not always translate
well into stitches, especially when there are a lot of thin lines.


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