Re: New - Magic Bobbin Washers

vicki chrobak

I appreciate your input Jim. I'll let you know if I ever see the need to try them & the outcome. However, I still wonder if they might help in the use of the pre-wound bobbins that we otherwise can't use.

Vicki Jo

We've never used them, so I can't say for sure whether they work.
However from a strictly technical point of view (and I am a technician
who DOES NOT sew) they don't make much sense to me. Backlash occurs when
the bobbin keeps moving after the hook has stopped. How is reducing the
friction under the bobbin going to stop it sooner? Bird nesting comes
from the top thread, not the bobbin. I can't see how something under the
bobbin is going to help that.

Stitches are formed by the needle thread whipping around the bobbin to
form a stitch. If there is an extra "foreign" object between the bobbin
and the bobbin case it changes the process. In my opinion, which is
worth what you paid for it, these washers are a fix for something that
isn't broken.

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