Re: Janome Needles

Sherry Martin

Thanks. Before I got my 11000 I had another brand of sewing machine (Begins with a P) that I had nothing but problems with. Mainly with thread breaking when trying to free motion quilt. Everytime I went to the dealer he said there was nothing wrong with the machine, I must be doing something wrong, although I read all kinds of posts on the internet about this particular machine having problems with its take-up lever; and on top of that it was only the machines made in China because some were made in Germany and some in China.

I finally gave up and bought the 11000 and free motion quilting was so wonderful I didn't want to change anything and maybe mess something up so I just kept using the Janome needles. AND I think the 12000 is even better. If using the tshirt icon to set it up, both the back and front of the quilt look wonderful.

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The red tip indicates size 14, while blue tips are size 11. They have a universal tip.

Schmetz needles are as good or better than Janome in quality, and there is no reason not to use Schmetz.

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I love the Janome blue and red tip needles. I'm thinking maybe it is because as soon as I got my 1st Janome (the 11000) I started using those needles because they came with the machine; and what I really loved was the machine itself not necessarily the needles. But since then, I pretty much only use Janome needles.

Does anyone have an opinion on whether the Janome needles are better than Schmetz needles? I have a whole bunch of them I could use up instead of buying more Janome ones.

Also since the Janome needles are made by Organ, are they equivalent to a certain Organ needle. I know the blue tip is a 12 and the red is a 14 but are they microtex, or embroidery, or universal or something else?


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