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The only thing I can tell you  (since I haven't done much with my Artistic software and the Cameo cutter) is the Janome educator at the time I attended a Janome event last year was using the Cameo cutter.  She cut out a lot of fabric designs with the cameo (applique).  And the samples she showed us were beautiful.  I am not familiar with the Artistic cutter so really I could not advise.

Maybe there is a comparison chart online somewhere.  Or maybe some reviews online that would be beneficial.


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What cutter would you recommend for someone that does quilting only and possibly in the future garments.
Nicole, MI

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I have the software but not the Artistic cutter.  It's been too long since my class on it but I believe designs can be sent direct to the sewing machine from the computer with the software?  Either that or save to a memory stick.  One or the other or both maybe.  I need to play but just moved a month ago and do not even have my sewing room completely set up yet.

All I know is you can do a LOT with the software without any cutter let alone the Artistic cutter.  Like I said in my earlier reply, the Janome educator just prior to the release of the Artistic cutter was using the Cameo and did a lot with it.  

I suppose it just depends on what you want to do what is best for your needs.  

Myself, I am a LONG time garment seamstress and only dabble in some small quilting projects.  

By the way, I highly recommend any of Trevor Conquergood's classes on software.  He has one on the Artistic software, the Digitizer and others as well as a general class on embroidery.  You can see his information at

Happy sewing!


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I have read your newer posts about the difference between the Edge and the Cricut and Cameo etc very interesting info.
There could be some differences in maybe that it sends to your machine one way or another from what I can tell by your conversations in jef format.. That would be amazing if that were the case.. So maybe worth the extra money if you quilt a lot and want to make your own patterns.. You can create patterns in the Cricut software that I have too but not save to jef format.. So my thoughts are that it would be worth the difference if you can sent it to the machine direct from the software.. Sounds like it may cut a little cleaner someone mentioned too.. I have not had a problem cutting with the new Cricut just took some getting use to using the different materials is all with the mats.. Only problems I have had is if the design had too many small cuts that I made or wrong mats with wrong blades.. But all in all very satisfied with the Cricut was a real learning experience for sure. Software is free to use online with the Cricut too.. May try to make some quilt patterns and see if I can incorporate it with the machine some how when I have time. Would have to do it in embroidery software and have a cutting pattern for the pieces too.. 
Note you have to use backing on your fabric cuts for a clean cut,  but most that do quilting back their fabric cut pieces anyway. 
The software a separate price seems to be in one conversation I read.. Then it is pretty expensive with the machine and the software if sold separately.. Cost would be ok if you do a lot of quilting for sure.. 
Thanks for the info everyone that has sent it all good to know.
Betty Falasca

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