Re: Janome Artistic Edge

Donna Morton

I’ve been using the 15 inch Artistic Edge Cutter since it arrived in Canada in February.  I had used the Cameo Cutter for 2 years prior to the Edge Cutter.  In my opinion, there is no comparison between the two cutters.
The Edge is stable, consistent, smooth and very fast in it’s operation.  The cuts are perfect.  I’ve cut many applique shapes for in the hoop machine embroidery and have never had to re-cut anything. 
I cannot say that I have had the same experience with the Cameo Cutter.  I always held my breath while cutting with the Cameo.  Things “happened” with the Cameo cutter.  Updates to the software, while supposedly helpful for the user, often meant that one had to figure out the best settings, etc., to use all over again.
Cutting blades and replacement mats for the Cameo are expensive here in Canada.  Buying a Cameo Cutter for a big box store means no support if you have problems with the Cameo either.
While we do not have the accessories for the Edge Cutter in Canada yet, the blades for the Edge Cutter will be likely be less expensive and so far I can say that I have no reason to believe that the blades that came with the Edge Cutter are going to wear out anytime soon.
If anyone is considering the purchase of a digital cutter, I highly recommend the Artistic Edge Cutter.
Donna M

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