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The TTF version appears to be the same font, and could probably be used with Digitizer MBX. It has the ability to created digitized lettering from TrueType fonts. However this font has a lot of thin details, which often don't work well. TrueType fonts are actually tiny computer programs that tell the computer how to draw each letter. This does not always translate well into stitches, especially when there are a lot of thin lines.

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I found a TTF font by that name I am wondering if it is the same font, and it could be manually digitized

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It is a really good looking font, and it is NOT in the fonts included with the program. I've reported it and hopefully we'll see it in the first update to MBX. Of course they could also just remove it from the manual, which would be tragic!

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> Hi, Jim. I was trying out fonts for felt Christmas stockings in MBX's Easy Design and noticed a Lorenne font on page 302 of the MBX Onscreen Manual (showing the packaged fonts). It doesn't seem to be coming up in Easy Design, however...have I just overlooked it somehow?
> Chris

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