Re: 15000V2 - Question

juliadlf1 <no_reply@...>

Thanks for the replies.  I relayed the information regarding the color and wifi certification on the machine to help in making sure if she goes with the 15000, she gets the V2.
I had a suspicion Jim that something did change on the V2 from the V1 other than "cosmetic" otherwise why didn't Janome just do an update on the V1 without releasing another model as V2.

Again, as always, thanks for the information.


V1 of Jim offers this observation:
Janome first did the "rebranding" update of a machine when they replaced the 10000 with the 10001. This allows them to have a new model faster than the usual 4-5 year cycle for developing new machines. By updating existing machines, owners of the first version don't feel left out and it actually reinforces the fact that Janome machines can be updated. I expect we'll see this practice continue through each generation of machines.

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