Thread storage


Being a little slow on the uptake, I finally realized I needed more than my current haphazard method to store my thread.  I have both the 1100 yard embroidery thread spools and regular size spools of quilting thread.  I opened up a big can of worms by looking them up online.  There were so many that now I'm totally confused :-(  I'm leaning toward one of the wooden 120 spool racks, but not sure how sturdy any of them are, and if they will truly hold the embroidery thread with the wide bases. I've been using the clear OESD  boxes but not only are they somewhat fragile, they don't seem to be available anywhere.  I'd appreciate any comments any of you have had with storing thread,  When I'm confronted with too many choices, I just shut down from confusion!  Thanks so much for your help.


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