No sound on My 15000 or Footbook


I just went to look something up and found I have no sound on these 2 apps.  I checked to see if my iPad speakers were working and I can play music, videos and Craftsy classes.  There is an audio setting on the My 15000 app and that is set to Auto.  Any suggestions?

Gail in FL

Without making a sound, Jim says:

You'll probably find that you get sound using headphones. This problem seems to have originated with iOS 8. All of our apps use the standard Apple video player. YouTube and perhaps Craftsy use their own player, which is why they still work. Power down the iPad and then power it back up. Usually that fixes the problem, caused by another app grabbing the audio and not releasing it back to iOS. Also check the volume control in the control center that you get by swiping UP from the bottom of the screen. It's in the bottom left corner.

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