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Yes, Donna, you are quite correct.  The V3 upgrade does give us the ability to calibrate the hoops of the 11000.
I would like to warn, however, that you shouldn't try to calibrate with the ASQ or AQ (quilting) hoops as there is too much play in the plastic templates to be accurate - you can move the templates almost a 1/4 inch from side to side.  Calibrate with the normal hoops and it will (hopefully) be right for the quilting hoops.
I am still reading this group's emails while trying to decide whether I really do need to upgrade from the 11000 (and 10000) to the 12000 machine.  At the moment I am still in love with my 11000 but perhaps the time will come when I will feel I have just got to have the 12000.
Western Australia

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Just a check, didn’t the Version 3 MC11000 upgrade include the ability to calibrate hoops?  I don’t have access to a Version 3 MC11000 to check.
Donna M

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