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Glad to hear that Brubakers is offering the 15% off to this group. Shop local whenever possible, but if you can't they seem to be the best option:

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Just heard that the new accessories I ordered from Brubakers's are in stock and on their way to me! I ordered the 2 spool thread stand and the SID accufeed foot. I read on this board that Janome had some new accessories in stock. When I called my local dealer, he wanted to sell me the thread stand for the 11000. Didn't know what I was talking about when I mentioned the new stand. I spent too much money on my 12000 to use "okay" parts...I wanted the real thing! Best of all, Brubaker's offers a 15% discount for yahoo group members. So excited!!

Apologies in advance if this is inappropriate in any way. Feel free to delete if it is!


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