Re: Calibrate Hoops and Free Arm Hoop


Vicki Jo,
Let me see if I can answer this: You need to calibrate each hoop only once (or again after servicing). To calibrate, select Embroidery and open arm, then select SET, choose Embroidery (blue machine icon) and navigate to the page (page 4/6) where you see Hoop Calibration and click YES. Place desired hoop with its template on arm then select the hoop (red hoop icon) you wish to calibrate. The hoop will now move into position. If the needle is not right above hole in template, press on arrows until it is, the press OK. Repeat for each hoop. This should help with alignment. Check that Free Arm hoop is level and doesn't stick above bed. Mine is warped.

You do need to be sure to use the correct size hoop for each design. There is no sensor to tell you that you have the wrong hoop on the machine. This is different from other major brand machines and gave me a little surprise once!

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OK, Jim forgive forgive the ignorance of this question. Am I supposed
to calibrate every hoop every time I do a design? Antd could you define
exactly what you mean by calibrate. I have only had 2 problems -- once
when the design wasn't centered (may have been operator error) & the 2nd
when I didn't see that I needed a larger hoop for the design.

Vicki Jo

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