Re: bobbin cases and bobbin thread

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You don't want to over-think this. I personally believe that the yellow dot bobbin case was included simply to eliminate complaints about bobbin tension when using commercial bobbin thread, which is thinner than Janome bobbin thread. There's an easy way to see whether you need to use it. Go into embroidery mode and choose lettering. Enter 3 upper case letter "I" in 18mm size. Stitch them out using your bobbin thread and the normal red dot bobbin case. Look at the bottom of the work. You should see roughly 1/3 bobbin thread in the middle of each letter, and 1/3 needle thread on each side. This is NOT a rigid measurement - less bobbin showing is fine. If the needle threads at the edge are very thin, or bobbin is showing on top, then you'll need to use the yellow dot case. Otherwise the red dot case will be just fine.

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I contacted Janome via the website as to the differences in the bobbin cases and was told that the 'red' case is used with Janome bobbin thread because the tension is different when using that.

The bobbin thread I have is 60 wt. I see that the Janome is 90 wt. Jim, do you think that, if one is using 90 wt. bobbin thread, the 'red' case can be used? Or must the 'yellow' case be used if anything other than Janome brand thread is in the bobbin?


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