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Side note to all readers - when posting a computer problem, please note what version of Windows you are using. It makes a difference in the response. Thanks!

First check to see whether you can open ANY PDF with Adobe Reader. If you don't have a PDF to try, you can get to the stitch chart by clicking on "My Computer" -> C drive -> Program Files [XP or 32-bit Windows 7] or Program Files (X86) [64-bit Windows 7] -> Janome -> HorizonLink -> DataFiles. Double click on the PDF. If it does not open, right click on it and choose "Open With" from the pop-up menu. Choose Adobe Reader from the list of programs and check the "Always open files of this type" box. If that does not fix the problem it may be that HorizonLink is checking for the presence of Adobe Reader in such a way that it cannot be detected on your computer. You can also open PDFs with the also-free program Foxit Reader:

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On horizon link, under tools, stitch/design charts, when I try to open these, I get a pop up window saying "to view documents in PDF, adobe reader is required." I have adobe reader 9 installed. I had this issue with another embroidery related software, and had tried installing 10, but had the same pop up (Went back to 9 because at the time I couldn't figure out where the search engine in 10 was.)Anyway, any suggestions on how to get horizon link and adobe to recognize that each other exists? thanks! Barbara Jean

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