New Janome 12000?


Hi all! I'm currently the owner of the Janome 11000 upgraded to SE and one who had monstrous problems with my machine and its' bobbin area. I've been thinking of upgrading to the 12000, but I'm gun shy! I thought I'd join the group so I could hear how all of you are liking your new machines. I may be in the market - probably after the new machine has been out for a while and can see that there are no further problems with the bobbin area!! I think there are a lot of us who are like the Missouri slogan - show me!

Hope you all are having tons of fun with this new machine - and I'm here to absorb all your comments and possibly make a decision at a later date. So far, it sounds as though all of you are really liking the machine and its' new features. I'm green with envy - but am holding onto my indecision for a while.

Thanks for letting me join!

Ann C

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