Calibrate Hoops and Free Arm Hoop


I decided to calibrate my hoops and when I did so, it looks like I need to do all of them because when I (carefully) placed each one with the template on, they all wanted to be at a different spot with the needle centered on the hole in the template.  Please let me know if this is correct.  (A previous message had indicated that you need to calibrate only one hoop.)

Also, I used the free arm one just once and it bounced up and down furiously.  When I went to class last week another owner's free arm hoop did not bounce.  Mine has a considerable distance between the hoop bottom and the bed of the machine.  Do you think it is warped?  Can it be used only when something is securing it under the free arm?  Surely I can use it for ordinary embroidery, not just for free arm work?


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