Re: Cloth Setter


For those of you that think you can’t center a design without the clothsetter, I would ask you if you have ever tried lining up your embroidery by printing out a template and placing that on your project before lining up in the hoop.  It is the same thing as a clothsetter but so easy and so much less trouble than using a clothsetter. 


If Janome does come out with a cloth setter for the 12k machine I won’t be buying it because it’s really not necessary, plus, a clothsetter for the 12k machine would have to be huge and the price to fit that.  


If you started with Janome and either an 8000 or 9000 machine back in the 90’s there was no other way to line up embroidery other than the clothsetter because those machines for some reason did not start with the designs centered.  After Janome figured it out and realized with later machines that having the machine start with the design in the center was important, then a clothsetter was just an extra accessory that really wasn’t necessary.


Julie in TX

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