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The thread may not be getting into the take-up lever in the first place. Often new owners are trying to be extra careful with their "new baby" and they are very gentle when threading. If you open the door at the left end of the machine, you'll see that there is a small clip next to the eye on the lever. If the thread doesn't get pulled into the eye past the clip, it will eventually slip off. Keep the door open while threading and watch, until you get used to the sound and feel of the little "click" when the thread goes in past the clip.

If you are sure you've gotten it threaded correctly, check that clip and make sure that it's there and not bent or damaged. In that case, or if you are unable to see a clear cause of the problem, have your dealer take a look at it. This is definitely not a normal event. In 25 years as a dealer, I could recognize the sound of a "thread-out-of-take-up-lever" event from 100 feet away, when it happened in a class. Diane runs her machine flat out all the time, regarding the foot control as more of an On/Off switch. I've not heard the noise once since we got the 12000.

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Hi Group,
I did my first hard core quilt piecing on my 12000 this weekend. I really struggled keeping the thread in the take up lever between seams. I tried using the thread cutter, not using the thread cutter, but I cannot seem to figure out what is making it thread constantly come out of the take up lever. Has anyone seen this behavior. Any advice would be welcomed.

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