Hoops and various sizes

Cheryl Paul


I agree with Maggie. Janome gave us what we asked for a larger harp area and also larger hoops as a result of the nice space. We still have a 5" X 5" hoop and the 2" X 4". I used my stabilizers over by putting some together, just overlapping the holes created in the used one. It worked just fine. Thanks for the tip to use an outside piece of something else in the hoop and attaching the stabilizer to it. It can be sewed on or glued gently and that would work quite fine - I just hadn't thought about that.

Maggie, thanks for the web link to a less expensive source of stabilizers.

Cheryl - Saskatoon

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not all of us have the luxury of owning all the machines you speak of - many only have one machine to do everything and have had to trade in our old machines to get a new machine - whether it be the 12000 or anything else.

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