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Hi Jim,

Do you know what the small margin is exactly? I bought the 12000 because I wanted bigger hoops to do larger designs. I am struggling to design in Generations as it is telling me that the design is too large for the hoop. I have made a custom hoop for the 230x300 hoop and the design (have re-sized it many times) is not 200x280 I would have thought that this would fit into the hoop easily but Generations is not accepting of this. Any guidance you could give on the size of the embroidery field would be great. Thanks, Nita

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Each hoop has a small "margin" around the stitching area. This is sort of like the median in a divided highway. You don't drive there, but it adds a bit of safety to keep the cars a little further apart. What they are doing is telling the machine they are using a larger hoop, then placing designs so that they extend into this margin. You have to be super careful not to put them too far in, or the machine will hit the hoop and big trouble ensues. I am NOT giving this "technique" my seal of approval!

You are right about the hoops. Janome can add more hoops at will, and only change the software to support them. What's frustrating is that every embroidery machine prior to this one has had a 5 x 7 hoop. On the 11000 that hoop was added only after a tremendous outcry from users, but it WAS added. Why did they bring out the 12000 without this hoop? One possible clue - the internal model number of the 11000 is 860, while the 12000 is 859. That suggests that the 12000 may have been in development before the 11000, and thus they did not plan for a 5 x 7 hoop. There were probably different teams working on each model, and they may not have exchanged much information with regard to what users want. I'm sure that, given enough screaming from us, Janome will add a 5 x 7 at minimum, and maybe even a 4 x 4.

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I'm still new enough at this to be confused. If you just put your design in a "bigger" hoop on the screen, for maximizing placement, and then select the correct hoop for the actual embroidering, will the machine tell you if you made the design too large, and to pick a bigger hoop? Or will you only know by doing the non sew outline feature?

Also, I didn't understand the one comment someone made about not buying the machine if you couldn't upgrade hoops (or something like that). If the machine itself doesn't have a sensor, isn't it just a matter of the software being updated to recognize a new hoop, putting a design in that, and the software telling the embroidery unit what to do for the non sew outline? Obviously, we must be able to use new hoops that Janome comes out with if we are asking for a 5x7...we're not limited to just the "original hoops", correct? Barbara Jean

Sorry for not understanding the mechanics behind all of what is being discussed! Please educate me. thanks Barbara Jean

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