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Sherry Martin

I totally agree with you. I stitch designs of all different sizes not just large designs (I'm not going to put a large design on a tshirt for my 2 yr old granddaughter for example - which could probably be done with a 4x4 hoop). I only have one machine, the 12000. As I upgraded to the next machine I needed to either sell or trade-in my former machine to be able to afford the next level. And I don't use expensive branded stabilizers, but all stabilizers do cost money even if it is an off-brand especially specialty stabilizers like sticky or water soluble.

I love the big hoops, but feel that such an expensive machine should be able to accommodate hoops in smaller sizes also.

I actually purchased this machine more for the regular sewing features than the sizes of hoops it comes with, but as I said before because of cost it is my only machine.

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not all of us have the luxury of owning all the machines you speak of - many only have one machine to do everything and have had to trade in our old machines to get a new machine - whether it be the 12000 or anything else.

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You are right about the hoops. Janome can add more hoops at will, and only change the software to support them. What's frustrating is that every embroidery machine prior to this one has had a 5 x 7 hoop. On the 11000 that hoop was added only after a tremendous outcry from users, but it WAS added. Why did they bring out the 12000 without this hoop? One possible clue - the internal model number of the 11000 is 860, while the 12000 is 859. That suggests that the 12000 may have been in development before the 11000, and thus they did not plan for a 5 x 7 hoop. There were probably different teams working on each model, and they may not have exchanged much information with regard to what users want. I'm sure that, given enough screaming from us, Janome will add a 5 x 7 at minimum, and maybe even a 4 x 4.
Jim, I may be bit dense, but WHY purchase a machine with large hoops if your preference is to stitch small designs. I purchased an Industrial embroidery machine after seeing the specs of the 11000 when that was launched. I saw no reason to upgrade from a perfectly serviceable 10000 with its 140x200 hoop to get a 200x200 hoop. I wanted a machine that could embroider jacket back designs in a single hooping.

I'm also reading numerous complaints about wasting fabric and stabilisers. If users insist upon purchasing expensive 'Branded' stabilisers instead of perfectly good suitable unbranded stabilisers such as those sold by
which commercial embroiderers use day and day out and leave the domestic embroiderers to pay through the nose for 'Names' then yes there is waste. But whose fault is that? certainly not Janomes. They produced what the customers said they wanted, larger hoops, bigger harp area, and thats what they delivered.

As for fabric waste, stitch 'stretcher' strips to the edges of your fabrics, then when embroidered remove the stretchers to be used again.

I know when the 3 of us were testing the software, I was delighted to see at long last Janome had included large hoops (though still not large enough for my needs,) I'm still seriously debating with myself if I 'need,' want, or would just like a 12000. I have to confess if I was offered one I would grab it, but for sewing only. Having been spoiled by owning a 12 needle embroidery machine, the idea of returning to a single needle combi, doesnt fill me with joy. Had the 11000 had the 12000 hoop sizes then I probably would have purchased that and not an industrial machine, but kept my 10000 for the small designs.

Maggie Coops

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