Shelf Liner in the Hoop

JoAnn Novak

  I have been trying to make something like you describe.
  Would you be able to give us a photo.  So we can see??
  That would be very appreciated.
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The freezer paper stabilizer goes into frame. 


The fabric is placed under the frame with the stabilizer. I mark the stabilizer with center markings near the rim of the hoop and use masking tape to hold  the fabric to stabilizer to insure it is centered and won’t move.  Then use  outline stitch to anchor the fabric to stabilizer. Proceed to embroider design. 


The reason I use this method is all designs have their unique outline but a permanent frame would more likely have a wide outline to accommodate all designs.   If I intend to do the same design in the future I write the design name on the template and save until I need it again. Then using the center markings I insert it into the hoop again.


Carolyn Gazerro





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 Did you mean you put the stabilizer in the center of the frame you made? Or the fabric?

 I have also seen a video on making a frame in this manner but out of craft felt or batting.

I am trying the shelf liner currently and the jury is still out. LOL! It does help grip on the sides of my larger hoop.

Brenda <><

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